Issue Seven, March 2009


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Also Inside


Fresh Ideas

'Disaster Capitalism'

Unpopular economic reform has systematically been forced through in the wake of a crisis



'The Rise of China...'



Is China the beacon of an alternative model country?




Think on This

And then they came for me

A posthumous piece written by the murdered editor of Sri Lanka's The Sunday Leader



The Insider

Analyzing Israel's policies

Working for a leading Israeli think-tank in Tel Aviv.


Bloggers' Corner

Some briefer thoughts on this often perplexing world:

Where were Gaza's leaders during the recent conflict with Israel?

Changing the impact of Globalization: It starts at he local  

Reframing the discussion: European anti-Semitism in the 21st Century

The Gaza war's achievements ... or illusions


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As we move into our third year (and after a brief pause), we are pleased to welcome you to issue seven of Global Politics Magazine.

In this issue we feature a selection of articles and blog entries written by young people around the world, with an emphasis on the recent war in Gaza and the global economic crisis. Readers are invited to send their comments via the link published at the end of each article.

We are also pleased to welcome aboard our new director, Felipe Shrieberg who has recently joined our ranks with a vision for great things to come. Jacob Halpin, the founder of Global Politics Magazine, and former director will remain on as an editor and writer.

We'd also like to encourage you to become part of the project. You're certainly not short of options. Either check out our Get Involved page to see what's available, or have a look at the Team Sheet.

The Global Politics Team


Essays and Argument

Getting Asia Right: A Strategic Blueprint for the Next U.S. Administration

If Asia is the world's new gravitational centre, how should the next U.S. President manage Asia policy?

Prashanth Parameswaran


Desmadre - A Civil Uprising

A popular movement led by teachers and indigenous people threatens to overthrow Mexico's ruling hierarchy.

Robert Joe Stout


Is Europe Going Nuclear?

With over half of electricity demand being met by nuclear energy, Europe seems to be on track for more of the atom.

Julia Poliscanova


After Bucharest: Creating a Global NATO

NATO's new 'outward-looking strategy' seeks to encompass members outside European and North American spheres.

Dr. Abeer Bassiouny Radwan


Beyond Territorial Spaces: Kurdish Nationalism in a Globalised World

The Kurdish Diaspora has challenged the notion of the nation-state and has created a powerful virtual presence.

Dilshad H. Khdhir



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